Who's a great little mousewife? It's me, that's who.

Amy was gone all weekend, so as the household garbage disposal, I ate leftovers all weekend. On Sunday I got a wild hare to cook it up, so contrary to usual form, I actually followed (mostly) other peoples' recipes.

Italian Feast

For dinner, it was Raw Vegan Caprese Salad and homemade sauce from the garden on spinach noodles.

Raw Vegan Caprese

The caprese salad uses a raw cashew cheese as its mozzarella--and it's amazing. I think recently we hit our maximum-of-fake-cheese point, so this was a welcome break. It's really more of a "spread" than a "cheese". No need to front when you're a cashew. You just have to taste awesome. The tomatoes and basil were all from our garden.

The homemade sauce was:

  • olive oil
  • an onion
  • 4 mammoth cloves of garlic
  • 1 serrano pepper
  • a yellow squash
  • half a giant zucchini
  • about 5 medium - large-ish tomatoes
  • fresh basil and oregano

I just diced everything finely, and sauteed in the order listed, then let it simmer for an hour or two. Very simple.

And for dessert, Key Lime Teasecake.

Piece o' cake

Key Lime Teasecake

I liked this a lot more than Amy did, but she's a plain ol' cheesecake kinda gal and never hung with key lime pie...that being said, this thing was pretty awesome, especially considering it doesn't use Tofutti/cream cheese. It uses millet, cashews, a little maple syrup, and limes. The crust is just flour, water, shortening, and graham cracker sprinklins. It's practically healthy. You have an obligation to your body to eat this pie. Immediately.