Most of the pictures you see on IV are taken at our dining room table...where we often eat...well...not that often. Not as often as we should. Instead, like many Americans, we frequently eat in front of the "TV" (we don't actually have a TV, per se; we've got a projector...on which we watch TV-on-DVD/Netflix).

TV Dining2

What we don't do, however, is eat the processed junk proffered by unsavory companies. We may not always take the time to sit down and eat our meals like civilized people interested in each others' lives, but we do usually make the time to prepare food from fresh ingredients.

The spread

It doesn't have to be complicated. Here we've got Jumpin' John (my version of Hoppin' John), a loaf of fresh-baked bread (once you've got a big batch of dough made, it's not much work at all to make fresh bread), and a salad with homemade dressing (not hard to do, and saves well). Pretty simple.

The spread, but closer