I suspect that many of you out there are just as voyeuristic as I am when it comes to seeing other people's spaces.  Even though I can afford none of the glory inside, I love picking up a Dwell magazine just for the photos.  Apartment therapy?  Please and thank you.  And don't even get me started on The Selby.  So, I thought we should give you a little glimpse into IV headquarters (i.e. our kitchen) while it's bright and clean(ish).  Also, Mark is cleaning up a mess on my art website right now instead of posting about amazing quesadillas (coming soon!) so I thought I would hop into the blogger's seat, and since I love all of the aforementioned  peeks into others' lives, that's what you get--only this time from ours.

atomic fireballWhat's that you say?  No no, contrary to appearances here, our kitchen is not located on the surface of the sun, though our dining room does get pretty toasty during the day, much to the cats' delight.

fridge it up

The crazy angle of this photo is attributed less to the height-enhancing power from all of the kale in our diet, more to my perch sitting on the counter as I took the photo.  Note the waist-height oven--a first for us, having been used to the more customary oven/stove units prevalent in all of our former abodes.  This makes appliance shopping that much more interesting and complicated as we found out yesterday when looking at all of the choices of ranges: induction electric, electric/induction combos, glass vs. electric coils, gas vs. electric...

robin's egg garbage

So, that's our kitchen.  She's quite a champ and has become our favorite room in the house, as occurs with many foodies, I'm sure.  Thanks for taking the tour with me!