Since we've been hosting scores of family and friends for the holidays, it's been far too long since I last posted. I always feel a little sheepish breaking out the camera in the middle of dinner in front of guests; it cheapens the meal somehow. So, sadly, there are very few food photographs from the last two weeks.

Here's a brief rundown on some of the key meals:

  • Amy's Birthday: Dinner at Eve. Although she serves a largely carnivorous menu, Eve is an excellent chef and can accommodate pretty much any diet with an awesome meal.  This is where we took the above photo.
  • Christmas Eve: Tempeh Tacos and Guacamole. My mom has been making a concerted effort to integrate our holiday meals more. Aside from the chicken for their enchiladas, we shared all of the other ingredients.
  • Christmas: Chik'n Almond Bake Seitan cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauteed portobellos, and salad. They had a roast which, at one point, mooed at me.
  • 2 Days after Christmas (with Amy's folks): Vegetable Soup. This one is always a hit with omnis, since it doesn't attempt to replicate meat. Also, Amy's parents are totally open to our diet, which makes cooking for them really easy.
  • 3 Days after Christmas: Vegan Pizza! We are very lucky to live in a city where you can get vegan pizza with vegan cheese. Eat your heart out Portland! (for anyone near Ypsi/Ann Arbor--it's College Inn)
  • New Year's Eve: Immense tubs of Guacamole and Hummus with baked pita. The guacamole was annihilated and the hummus was pretty close. I guess a gallon of hummus is a lot.
  • New Year's Morning: Tofu Mark Muffins and Breakfast Shakes. Some of our best friends are in town for a few days--so nothing but the best for them!

And, since it's the new year and possibly a time for resolutions, maybe now's the time to go vegan if you're not: 21 Day Vegan Kickstart.

And now back to our regularly scheduled recipes...

Happy New Year!