Our good friends Brooks and Steff suffer from celiac disease, meaning they can't eat gluten, which largely comes from wheat (and a few other grains like rye and barley). This means no wheat and no wheat byproducts. In a lot of ways, it's like being vegan, but with worse consequences when you slip up.

Our current seitan addiction notwithstanding, most of our recipes are or can be made gluten free. To help out our friends Steff and Ken, who are eating all vegan this week (how awesome is that?!), we thought it was high time to add a gluten free tag. Since almost everything can be made gluten free, we figured it would be a little overkill to add a "can be made gluten free" tag to practically all of our recipes.

And fear not soy-allergy sufferers! We'll be adding a soy free tag in the next couple of weeks.